Akal Genesis provides high quality solar plant solutions:

  • Take control of your energy needs today.
  • Photovoltaic solar panel is installed with a regulator, solar inverter and a battery bank to form a complete solar solution and source of renewable energy.
  • Energy Auditing for correct sizing is undertaken.
  • Holistic energy efficiency solution synthetization.
  • MPPT solar generation and remote load monitoring.
  • Inverter and battery bank sizing.
  • Fixed-angle and Sun-tracking options made available.
  • All materials are procured via Akal Genesis to service domestic, commercial and industrial requirements.


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Product Overview:

The Akal energy solution combines the best feature sets within industry at a highly affordable point of entry that would have otherwise prevented many potential clients from enjoying the benefits of energy storage availability for maximising productivity during power cuts.

The AKAL Energy Mobile Power Station is poised to capitalise on the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in the energy storage market-a market with approximately 19million clients. By offering affordable and innovative solutions, we aim to differentiate from competitors and become a leading supplier of energy storage solutions in Africa

Product Specifications

– 5.5kVA Inverter, Off-grid

– Smart Battery Management System with App

– LiFePO battery, 5120Wh

– Over 4000 use cycles . External WiFi support

– 3.5kW Solar PV Input

– Up to 6 units in parallel operation (30.7kWh storage)

Mobile Power Station for Small Business & Domestic Use.

Brings affordable and quality energy storage products to small businesses & citizens.

Reduces international import requirements. Boosts local manufacturing and skills development.

Supplies both local and international markets with competitive battery solutions.