Transmission Systems

  • Transmission lines up  to 132kV,  including  planning,  profiling,  designing  and  templating.
  • Injection and switching substations up to 132kV.
  • Overhead and Underground Urban and Rural Distribution Systems.

Distribution Systems

  • Economical Reticulation Systems.
  • Overhead Reticulation Systems.
  • Underground Reticulation Systems.

Electrical Load and Distribution Management Systems (Demand Side Management)

  • Residential Hot Water Load Control using Ripple Technology.
  • Industrial Load Control. Load Control in Large Building Complexes.

Additional Electrical Services

  • HV and MV installations.
  • Lightning protection and earthing.
  • Street Lighting.
  • High Mast Lighting.
  • Building Electrical Services.
  • Generator/essential supply installation/standby electricity supply systems.
  • Telephone/PABX installations.
  • Motor/pump control and protection.
  • Telemetering and Telecontrol Systems Telemetering for water and sewage systems.
  • Telecontrol of Electrical Reticulation Systems.
  • PLC and Protection Schemes.
  • Electrification of Rural and Urban communities.