Why choose Akal Genesis?

Project Management

o Programme management and procurement
o Cost, Quality and Time management
o Co-ordinate monitor and control projects
o Complete Turnkey Solutions

Electrical Engineering

o Power Transmission and Distribution Systems
o Electrical Load and Distribution Management Systems
o Additional Electrical Services

Geomatics Solutions

o Geo-mapping and Spatial Analysis
o Photo-grametry and Cartography
o Infrastructure Visualisation
o GIS Data Base Development
o Remote Sensing
o Climatology and Geomorphology

Mechanical Engineering

o HVAC for buildings
o Fire-protection systems
o Water reticulation
o Sanitary systems
o Treatment Plants

Civil Engineering

o Structure Design (Concrete, Steel, Timber)
o Explosive Resistant Structures
o Reinforced Structures

Solar Energy Solutions

o Complete Solar Solution
o Energy Auditing
o Holistic Energy Efficiency Solution Synthetization
o MPPT Solar Generation
o Inverter and battery banks
o Fixed-Angle and Sun-tracking Options

AKAL GENESIS is the premier service provider for world-class Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management along with Product design, planning, development and execution solutions.

Akal Genesis is on mission to innovatively develop infrastructure, create of jobs, sustainably grow communities and produce products/solutions for a better Africa. We succeed daily in our mission by offering:

  • Only the very best technical expertise and professionalism.
  • Economically sound engineering and project management processes.
  • Commitment to sustainable development within projects taking into consideration socio-economic, community related as well as environmental concerns.
  • Access to skills transfer and job creation initiatives within the South African context.
  • Applying creative and innovative thinking to projects.
AKAL GENESIS is built on a sound reputation of its people in providing project management and engineering design/consultancy services to its clients. Below is a list of our key personnel, professional partners and abridged areas of expertise:

Thabo Kalane

Managing Director

Head of Operations & Software Development

Clive Akol


Head of Engineering